The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission office is located at 1414 - 16 Street, Didsbury, Alberta Canada.
The Commission was formed in 2001 to coordinate the management and disposal of solid waste within Mountain View County.
This is the liner put down to stop all leaching. Shredded recycled tires replaces expensive gravel as part of the leachate collection pad.A landfill, also known as a dump or rubbish dump (and historically as a midden), is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial and is the oldest form of waste treatment.

The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission has operated the Landfill site near Didsbury since November 2004. The Mountain View Regional Waste Landfill is located two kilometres northwest of the Town of Didsbury. The Commission operates the landfill under an approval from Alberta Environment. The approval authorizes the disposal of Class II waste in isolated cells.

Site construction began in October 2004 with the installation of an engineered liner; a leachate collection system; surface drainage retention ponds, and monitoring wells. The landfill requires ongoing capital cell expansion to accommodate waste volumes.

All solid waste generated within the County is accepted at the landfill and all solid waste accepted at Commission Transfer Sites is hauled to the landfill.

The landfill provides a residential transfer area for safe residential waste disposal, a recycling centre and household hazardous waste disposal. Recycle areas are designated for large quantities of recycle materials such as strand wire, concrete and asphalt that are only accepted at the landfill. To learn more about all the materials accepted at the transfer station and recycling area, please proceed to the Transfer Sites page.

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The landfill is open to the public 8 hours per day Monday through Saturday. A waste drop area (transfer site) for residential disposal is provided for the public during the week and on Saturdays. Attendants are on duty, attending the scale operation and overseeing the dumping of the waste entering the site. Large commercial vehicles are allowed to tip waste at the cell face.

The following materials are banned from disposal at our sites:

  • Commercial, industrial or agricultural chemicals
  • Compost
  • Dead animals/animal parts
  • Biomedical waste
  • Asbestos Waste

Acceptable items for all our Recycling Centres include Mixed Plastics, Cardboard and Boxboard, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, Food (tin) Cans, and Clear Glass. Much of the paper we recycle is used to make construction materials such as gypsum board, insulation, and roofing materials. Transfer stations are places where local residents can deposit their waste cargo prior to loading into larger vehicles.
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