The logo for the Waste Commission depicts the beautiful Rocky Mountain of Alberta and the traditional recycling logo for Waste Management. Coordinating solid waste disposal in Mountain View County. Collecting household and commercial waste in Mountain View County. Waste Transfer Stations are utilized by residents of Mountain View County in Central Alberta.
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Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission
Frequently asked by our customers are rates for recycling and waste collection, when the Eco-Sites are open, how to locate our centres and where the dump is.
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Residents are asked to recycle milk jugs and cartons, cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, clear glass, tin cans, motor oil and filters, electronics. Don't forget to take your bottles and drinking boxes to the Bottle Depot in your community.
The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission works in the municipalities within Mountain View County, including Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre. We also have operations in the rural communities of Water Valley and Eagle Hill.
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Reducing ideas: Buy in bulk and try to eliminate excess packaging.
Recycling Tips

These tips will help you reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle your housegood goods.

  • These waste items can be modified and used for planting seedlings: egg cartons, tetra-pak cartons, plastic bottles, plastic takeaway containers, the cardboard centres from toilet rolls, and ice cream containers.
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggshells can all be put into your garden. Each naturally decomposes and adds nutrients to your soil. Compost does not have to take up unnecessary room at the landfill.
  • Your computer might still be usable even though you're upgrading. Consider recycling it by donating it to someone else.
  • Aluminium trays from pies and cakes make ideal 'drip saucers' to put under potted plants in the house.
  • Used oil filters are processed at recycling mills for use in new metal products such as rebar, nails, and wire. Recycle your oil filters.

  • After children's drawings and paintings have been displayed for a while, they can be used to wrap presents. This also makes the present special.
  • A better way to keep gadgets out of the landfill is to try to repair them. Resist the urge to constantly upgrade. Reuse them instead.
  • Recycle your toothpaste tube. Cut off the cap end, wash it out, then tack it to a corkboard as a pencil holder in your garage.
  • Rechargeable batteries used around the home can also be recycled. The recovered batteries are used to make new batteries and stainless steel products.
  • One recycled glass bottle saves enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes. Please take your bottles to the depot.
  • Plastic bags aren't just for lining garbage cans. Tie plastic bags over nearly ripe fruit to keep out bugs and guard against frost damage.
  • The cadmium from old phone batteries is more toxic than lead and can leach into the groundwater. Recycle those batteries!
  • Newspapers can be recycled and used as mulch. This will reduce evaporation by up to 70%, cutting water use in the summer months.

Garbage bins in Olds, decorated for Homecoming 2009 and the Communities in Bloom competition.
Grass bins in a municipality can be dressed up for all sorts of community events. In Olds, the Olds High School Art Club painted bins to showcase Communities in Bloom and welcome folks to town for Homecoming in 2009.

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