The logo for the Waste Commission depicts the beautiful Rocky Mountain of Alberta and the traditional recycling logo for Waste Management. Coordinating solid waste disposal in Mountain View County. Collecting household and commercial waste in Mountain View County. Waste Transfer Stations are utilized by residents of Mountain View County in Central Alberta.
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Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission
Frequently asked by our customers are rates for recycling and waste collection, when the Eco-Sites are open, how to locate our centres and where the dump is.
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Residents are asked to recycle milk jugs and cartons, cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, clear glass, tin cans, motor oil and filters, electronics. Don't forget to take your bottles and drinking boxes to the Bottle Depot in your community.
The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission works in the municipalities within Mountain View County, including Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre. We also have operations in the rural communities of Water Valley and Eagle Hill.
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Coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggshells can all be put into your garden. Each naturally decomposes and adds nutrients to your soil. Compost does not have to take up unnecessary room at the landfill.

Putting down the leachate collection pad liner at the landfill. This stops all leaching of contaminated materials into the soil.

Compost is a combination of decomposed plant and animal materials and other organic materials being decomposed largely into a rich black soil. As concern about landfill space increases, worldwide interest in recycling by means of composting is growing, since composting is a process for converting decomposable organic materials into useful stable products.

The composting process begins when you separate the organic matter from the household waste. The Mountain View Regional Waste Management trucks pick up the organic matter from your home green bins and the community grass bins and delivers to the Olds College Composting Technology Centre. The organic matter is formed into long piles called "windrows". Household waste typically contains 40% organic by weight.

What to Compost

  • Fruits and vegetable waste
  • Pasta, rice, bread
  • Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
  • Egg shells
  • Meat, bones
  • Fish, solid fats
  • Dairy products
  • Grass clippings, garden and plant waste

What is Not Acceptable

  • Diapers
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Paper products
  • Plastic, glass, and ceramics
  • Sod, tree trunks, branches and roots
  • Synthetic materials (vinyl, nylon and polyester)

We make it easy for you
Keeping your Compost bin in a dry place will keep the material from sticking to the bin. You may place one sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the bin to aid in waste release.All you have to do is put your compostable materials into your green bin and roll it out for pickup at the designated time for your community. One of our trucks will pick up your bin and dump the compostable material into the enclosed holding tank on the truck. The loading process takes only a few seconds and is controlled by the driver from inside the truck. Automation eliminates manual loading, thus reducing staff costs and job-related injuries, and one truck can cover large residential areas very quickly.

Composting our County's organic wastes just makes sense. Not only are we saving landfill space and money, but we are conserving valuable organic matter and nutrients, which we can then return to enrich the earth. Your dedication to this program is continuing to make it a great success!

Disposal of non-compostable material in the green bins is not permitted. This includes sod, tree trunks, branches, and roots; paper products and diapers.

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