The logo for the Waste Commission depicts the beautiful Rocky Mountain of Alberta and the traditional recycling logo for Waste Management.
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Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission
Frequently asked by our customers are rates for recycling and waste collection, when the Eco-Sites are open, how to locate our centres and where the dump is.
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Residents are asked to recycle milk jugs and cartons, cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, clear glass, tin cans, motor oil and filters, electronics. Don't forget to take your bottles and drinking boxes to the Bottle Depot in your community.
The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission works in the municipalities within Mountain View County, including Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre. We also have operations in the rural communities of Water Valley and Eagle Hill.
Eagle Hill
Mtn View County
Water Valley
TIP: Aluminium trays from pies and cakes make ideal 'drip saucers' to put under potted plants in the house.

The primary barrier to recycling shingles are contaminants such as nails and wood. Please do your best to remove these before you toss your shingles in the pile.

Putting down the leachate collection pad liner at the landfill. This stops all leaching of contaminated materials into the soil.

Shredded tires replace expensive gravel on the landfill liner. Shows the pump out.

One of the Mountain View Regional Waste Commission trucks.

The Recycling Centre at Didsbury.

A wood chipping company is contracted to chip and process branches and clean wood.

2014 Fee Structure
Rural Customers: Please contact Mountain View County for booking and rates.

Transfer Stations/Landfill
$5.00 minimum charge
$20.00 for uncovered or unsecured loads

  Tipping Fee (per tonne)
Class II & III Transfer Station (sorted no recyclables) $220 $270
Transfer Station Assisted Sorting $270 $320
Landfill (sorted no recyclables) $120 $102
Landfill Assisted Sorting $160 $160
Special Waste (hard to handle) $250 $250
Commercial Pick-up Service
  Per Pickup Per Occurrence
Pickup (3 yards) $32.75  
Pickup (1½ yards) $24.75  
Bin Delivery & Admin Setup   $25
Obstructed Bin charge   $30
Cardboard (3 yards) $7  
Single Stream (1½ yards) $14  
Single Stream (3 yards) $18  
Recyclables (sorted) (per tonne)
Transfer Stations Scrap Metal $100 $100
Fridge/freezer (flat rate) $25 $25
Propane Bottles (flat rate) $5 N/A
Used Oil N/C N/A
Batteries (rechargeable) N/C N/A
Tires (4 @ N/C) $50 N/A
E-Waste N/C N/C
Concrete/Asphalt N/A N/A
Organics $65 N/A
Clean Fill N/A N/A
Dead Animals N/A N/A
Hydrocarbon Soil N/A N/A
Household Hazardous Waste N/C N/A
Resource Recovery Centre, Landfill Scrap Metal $65 $65
Fridge/freezer (flat rate) $25 $25
Propane Bottles (flat rate) $5 N/A
Tires (4 @ N/C) $50 N/A
Concrete/Asphalt $20 $20
Asphalt Shingles $65 $65
Drywall Gypsum $65 $65
Vinyl Siding $65 $65
Dead Animals N/A N/A
Hydrocarbon Soil
(per tonne)
$18 $18
Clean Fill $0 $0
Household Hazardous Waste N/C N/A
NOTE: Contaminated (containing garbage) or mixed loads charged $65/manhour for assisted sorting.

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