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Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission
Frequently asked by our customers are rates for recycling and waste collection, when the Eco-Sites are open, how to locate our centres and where the dump is.
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The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission works in the municipalities within Mountain View County, including Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre. We also have operations in the rural communities of Water Valley and Eagle Hill.
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Welcome to the Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission

Solid waste is one of the most serious environmental problems in the world. In Mountain View County, through the Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission, we are trying to promote environmental policies and practices that solve this problem.

The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission was formed in 2001 to coordinate the management and disposal of solid waste for the municipalities within Mountain View County (the County, the Towns of Carstairs, Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre, and the Village of Cremona).

The Commission operates the following:

  • Recycling Centres located in Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury Landfill, Eagle Hill, Olds, Sundre, Water Valley, and Midway Community Centre.
  • Waste Transfer Stations at Olds, Sundre, Didsbury, and Water Valley, where MVRWMC takes solid waste to be transferred to the Landfill site.
  • MVRWMC Landfill, located two kilometres northwest of Didsbury.
  • Resource Recovery Centre at the Landfill.
  • Compost collection and transportation from Olds and Sundre to the Olds College Composting Centre.

The MVRWMC is your service provider for the regular collection of household waste, commercial waste, rural waste, and recycled material in these municipalities.

Shingle Grind Product at Didsbury Landfill.What's New!

The Commission now has a ¾" minus shingle grind product!

Perfect for parking lots,
walkways or driveways.

Cost of $10.00/tonne.

Free loading at the
Didsbury Landfill.

Bo MagDid You Know?
Collection of all recycling materials in 2010 averaged 330 kgs/capita! This included metal, mixed plastic, agricultural plastic, newsprint, mixed paper, cardboard, electronics, used oil, glass, concrete, asphalt, compost, wire, propane tanks, wood, tires, and batteries.

Thank you for helping keep these recyclables out of our landfill!

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